Vinyl Siding Cleaning

Many people choose vinyl as a maintenance-free solution to siding, because you don’t have to paint or treat it like wood. Although vinyl siding requires less maintenance than wood siding, it isn’t completely maintenance-free. You must clean it periodically.

Dirty vinyl siding attracts mold spores which can cause staining. These stains can be difficult to remove, or may even be permanent. Total Deck Care uses professional cleaning products designed to remove the dirt and kill the mold spores.

Total Deck Care will come to your home and write up a free estimate on restoring your vinyl.

We'll talk through our restoration process, step-by-step, and we can even do a test sample to demonstrate the finished results.

Certified and trained as wood restoration specialists, Total Deck Care uses a high end, professional product for preserving and protecting wood. This wood restoration product is unlike any other on the market. We believe that its formula offers the best protection for wood, and unlike other companies, we guarantee it. Of course, Total Deck Care is a fully insured company and has workmans' compensation on all employees.

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