Deck Restoration

Total Deck Care® understands that your deck, as an outdoor extension of your home, provides space to relax and entertain friends and family. It’s a life-style investment, and you want it to look beautiful and last a long time.

At Total Deck Care®, we strive to build trusting, long-term relationships with our customers, by combining attentive and responsive service with quality work done by certified and trained professionals.

Over the years, Total Deck Care® has successfully treated thousands of decks in all shapes and sizes. Our knowledgeable experts can beautify your deck and apply a protective finish that makes your deck last than if it was untreated. Two-to-three times longer! We make this claim because it is our experience and because of the professional, high-end products that we use

Total Deck Care® uses a wood preservation product unlike the average deck stain. This professional, high-end product is one of the few penetrating stains formulated with non-drying oils. Average deck stains have, at most, 30% solids combined with a large quantity of paint thinner, which quickly evaporates when exposed to air. The preservation product used by Total Deck Care® contains over 75% solids. These oils penetrate the wood, giving it real long-lasting protection. Since the decks are protected longer, they last longer.

Why replace a tired-looking, but serviceable deck? By using our specially formulated restorer and preservative, Total Deck Care® experts can treat your deck and give it a clean, new look.

Save up to 5 times the money you would spend replacing your deck, by restoring it with Total Deck Care®.

Certified and trained as wood restoration specialists, Total Deck Care® uses a high end, professional product for preserving and protecting wood. This wood restoration product is unlike any other on the market. We believe that its formula offers the best protection for wood, and unlike other companies, we guarantee it. Of course, Total Deck Care® is a fully insured company and has workmans' compensation on all employees.

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