Log Home Restoration in Randolph, Maine - Kennebec County

By Adman | April 7, 2020

This 32 year old log home, located in Randolph, Maine was in dire need of a log home restoration. The logs had no protection as the old stain was very weather damaged. The windows and doors were very drafty and were in need of fresh caulking.

The interior was also in need of cleaning with a fresh coat of stain.

After a careful and thorough inspection of the log cabin, the Total deck Care crew started the restoration process with stripping off the old stain. The logs were then treated with neutralizer to deactivate the stripping agent.
Once the logs were dried, the crew sanded the logs for a smooth appearance and allowing for an even coat of stain.

Before the application of the finished stain, the logs were treated with a Borax to prevent pest from invading the wood and creating new damage.
Finally the logs were given two coats of an oil based penetrating stain.

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