Fence & Shed Restoration

Fences and sheds add beauty and utility to a property, if they are in good condition. But how often are they treated and protected? This is especially true in the South, where the ultraviolet rays are the strongest. You might have been told to wait a year before applying any finish, but the longer you wait, the more damage the weather can do, especially here in New England. Within a few months, the sun’s ultraviolet rays break down fibers on the surface of the wood, which begin to dry out and turn the wood gray.

Why wait till your shed or fence loses its natural color, begins to decay or even fall apart, when you can treat it right away and eliminate these problems?

By promptly treating a fence or shed with Total Deck Care®’s penetrating stain, the wood fibers get the oils they need to survive harsh weather. These non-drying oil-based stains are unlike thinner-based stains that evaporate and leave little protection behind. The oil does not dry, keeping the wood protected from the elements. The Total Deck Care® treated fence lasts, while the untreated fence fails.

Do you have a beautiful home and a fence that is bringing down the overall look of your property? Call Total Deck Care® to restore and protect your investment.

Certified and trained as wood restoration specialists, Total Deck Care® uses a high end, professional product for preserving and protecting wood. This wood restoration product is unlike any other on the market. We believe that its formula offers the best protection for wood, and unlike other companies, we guarantee it. Of course, Total Deck Care® is a fully insured company and has workmans' compensation on all employees.

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