Cedar Roof Restoration

The beauty of a wood roof is unquestionable, but many homeowners sacrifice the look of cedar shingles for the longevity of asphalt. However, when treated with a penetrating finish, wood roofs can exist, in spite of exposure, for 2-3 times longer than an untreated roof.

Total Deck Care treats wood roofs with a product that preserves the beauty of a natural-looking wood roof and protects its wood shingles. For new roofs, we simply apply the preservation product to the shingles. For roofs that have taken several years of weather, we first restore them and then apply the preservative.

Untreated, the elements wreak havoc on a wood roof. Constant exposure to the sun’s ultra-violet rays breaks down the fibers in the wood. Exposure to wet weather, whether it be rain or snow, keep the wood constantly wet, a perfect environment for mold, mildew and fungi. Untreated wood roofs will rot because of oils lost when the wood was first cut down and milled. As the wood dries, it deteriorates.

Total Deck Care has had the experience of restoring and preserving roofs at the Killington, Vermont ski area. These roofs have gone through the toughest and harshest weather conditions.

Certified and trained as wood restoration specialists, Total Deck Care uses a high end, professional product for preserving and protecting wood. This wood restoration product is unlike any other on the market. We believe that its formula offers the best protection for wood, and unlike other companies, we guarantee it. Of course, Total Deck Care is a fully insured company and has workmans' compensation on all employees.

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